Thursdays @ Thrasher

Celebrate art in Clay County at our FIRST Thursday @ Thrasher Gallery Event!

Thursday @ Thrasher is a free event offering a fun-filled evening of artistic exploration, including question and answer sessions with each of the gallery featured artists, multiple creative vendors in the lobby, food, music and giveaways. Held three times a year, the first event will be held Thursday, August 23 from 5:30 PM to 8 PM.

Novermber 29 & March 14

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Sophie Dare is a UGA trained artist, textile designer, and business development consultant.  Her varied background in the 90’s includes special needs parenting, homeschooling, while creating a business as a muralist in Ponte Vedra Beach  – a

prolific experience of capturing exotic gardens, foliage and wildlife aesthetics to transform a home with hand-painted art.  After a traumatic loss in 2002, of their oldest son (8), Joshua, her art was purposed in healing and she began to get invitations to speak, sharing her art, and message of comfort at over 20 women’s conferences.  She was featured in NE Florida galleries and Press from 2006-2010, with most of her works aligned with charitable causes.  After several years in and out of the corporate world, she began her at-home studio in 2015 and became licensed with Art Trends-Prestige, via the Furniture Market for many of her “Back Home” Farmhouse and Coastal works.  She now balances her time between working part-time with Mercy Support Services – a charity that focuses on displaced and homeless families, and challenging herself in the creative process with her Art Business.  Her current art focuses on the organic beauty of nature and slow life in the south.


John Woods PhotographJohn Woods is a local professional photographer and teacher.  In recent years, Woods has gone back to traditional film photography using large format cameras and developing prints in a darkroom.  His goal is to capture on film the simple things in life we take for granted so that others may enjoy. Wood’s passion for photography began at the age of 13 when he acquired a 35mm German camera. His love for photography has been lifelong and he has worked in multiple aspects of it including portraiture, wedding, commercial, events, and art. “I truly love being able to capture images of timeless beauty of a subject.”



Ciro Quintana has been a major figure in Cuban art over the last thirty years. His work is part of a legendary generation of artists that have emerged in Cuba during the early 1980s with the so-called Cuban Renaissance or New Cuban Art movement. Quintana is also founder of the Puré Group which revolutionized both Cuban Art and the most innovative art produced in Latin America during those years. His work depicts social facts and history through graphic novel, pulp art and scenes from old movies as paintings on canvas and in collages. His work is part of prestigious collections such as the National Museum of Fine art in Havana, Ludwig Forum for international Arts in Aachen, Germany, Peter Ludwig Collection in Cologne, Germany, the Museum of Leipzig, Germany, the Museum of Modern Art of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, the Museum of Pori Taiden, and Finland.  Since 1993, Quintana resides in Miami, Florida.



Some of the featured gallery artwork contains content that may be difficult for some viewers. If you have any questions, please contact our box office at 904.276.6815