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Engaging, Age-Appropriate Live Performances

Parents and teachers appreciate live performances that are age-appropriate for their children and students. Children can use their imagination to enter into fascinating worlds, enjoy artistic talent, and connect with the performers. From live musicals to plays and more, we provide a wide range of entertaining, age-appropriate live shows for children.

Musical Theater: How Children Benefit

The benefits of quality live shows are numerous for children. First, they’re highly entertaining, introducing youth to a wide variety of age-appropriate art and culture. Attending live shows can help to boost their tolerance levels, increase their knowledge, enhance critical thinking skills, and allow them to feel more empathy towards others. These benefits help children in both their academic and social areas of life.

Musical theater can be an exciting experience for children from the moment they learn about the opportunity to when they’re talking about what to wear and what to expect. Watch a child’s eyes when they first walk into a professional theater and you, as teacher or parents, can experience that live performance in a new and fresh way, too. Then, get them settled in for an extravaganza that will stimulate their minds and five senses.

According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, arriving a bit early can help to amplify the experience for children. You can share with them where the live show will take place, where restrooms are located, and when bathroom breaks will take place.

After the show, talk about the performance in the classroom or at home, allowing each child to share what they liked best—whether that’s a character, a song, a dance, or something else artistic and interesting.

To expand the reach and benefits of the Jacksonville musicals, comedies, plays and other live shows watched, you can guide children into participating in related activities. This could mean having the children act out scenes they remember, draw the scenery, discuss the props and costumes, and much more.

Plus, you can talk about what performances they’d like to see in the future, building up anticipation. If you saw a Jacksonville musical at Thrasher Horne Center first, you might look for a fun comedy the next time.

Thrasher-Horne Main Stage Theater

In our Main Stage Theater, children can enjoy live entertainment in a state-of-the-art facility, which includes up to 1728 seats in two levels of audience seating. No matter where you sit, when tickets are ordered for one of our shows, they can enjoy the artistic show in comfort.

We always focus on exceeding expectations, treating everyone with care, consideration, and compassion. Our first-class facility—located on the grounds of the beautiful St. Johns River State College—is accessible, comfortable, and convenient.


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