Our Main Stage Theatre provides modern amenities in a comfortable, state-of-the-art environment. This 1,725 seat proscenium theatre offers two levels of audience seating: a spacious raked floor level and a stadium-style balcony with six private boxes. Our two story lobby hosts two permanent concession areas (with additional satellite bars available), a coat check, box office, elevator, two visual art galleries, a members only Circle Club, and large bathroom facilities on both levels. Our 57’ x 48’ stage is 30’ high with a 91’ roof housing a full fly system capable of accommodating the largest of stage productions. A fully automated orchestra pit can be configured to enlarge the stage area, or recessed to provide additional house seating or a pit of 993 sq. ft.

Advantages of the Main Stage Theatre:

Seating for up to 1,725
Concessions Available upon Request
House Management Staff & Volunteer Ushers
Box Office & Ticketing Services
Available ADA Compliant w/ available Hearing Assistance Devices
Full Dressing Rooms and Green Room
Two Full Loading Docks
Ample Free Parking in a Secure Lot


(904) 276-6815 ex. 7
to speak with our Technical Director,
Jan-Hein Phelps or email him here.


Venue For All Types Of Occasions

Large Scale Productions

Find a home for your next production on the largest stage in Clay County! Our Main Stage Theatre has all the amenities of other venues in Northeast Florida, but with a more personal and immediate feel that ensures every seat is one of the best in the house. With room for a cast of 80 in our ample dressing rooms, full costume and scene shops, dance studio, full fly, and hydraulic orchestra pit, your performers and crew will have everything they need right at their fingertips.


Schools from across the region who host their senior graduations in our Main Stage Theatre appreciate the ease and professionalism that our venue provides. Enjoy ample room for the largest of audiences across two levels of seating, with a stage that is comfortable for any size graduating class. Afterwards, our adjacent Conference Center provides the perfect setting for graduation receptions or catered dinners.

Recitals (Dance/Chorus/Band)

Whether planning a recital for a local dance organization, a community or school chorus, or a band or orchestra performance, look to our Main Stage Theatre to provide the highest of opportunities for your class or organization to shine! Give your performers a taste of the professional world with our expert lighting and sound system, our ample backstage and green room areas, and our full backstage dance studio ready for pre-performance warmups. Your guests will feel at home in our spacious theatre with modern plush seating across two levels, and the abundant free parking will ensure they’re in and out with no hassle.

Awards Ceremonies

Our Main Stage Theatre has long been a host to awards ceremonies, graduations, and pinnings for schools and organizations throughout the Northeast Florida area, gracing any event with an undeniable level of pomp and circumstance present in our Auditorium and adjacent Grand Lobby. The vicinity of the Main Stage Theatre to our Conference Center also affords your ceremony the ability to spread out into adjoining rooms or take advantage of full warming kitchen capabilities for optional catered meals or buffets for guests and honorees.

Events & Competitions

Business groups, non-profit organizations and local government agencies are among a few of our clients who turn to us time and again for their party and event needs, and we regularly play host to dance and cheer competitions of all shapes and sizes. Our Main Stage Theatre is perfect for hosting your upcoming corporate event or regional competition, assuring a level of quality in line with our regular season programming, paired with the friendliness and warmth you’ve come to expect from our brand.


Features a fully sprung stage floor
Proscenium Opening:
Width: 57’-4”
Height: 30’-0”
Plaster Line to US wall: 48’-8”
Stage to Grid: 79’-0”
Grid to Roof: 12’-6”
Full Stage Width: 98’-0”
Center Stage to
SR Fly Gallery: 38’-6”
SR Wall: 74’-6”
SL Fly Gallery: 38’-6”
SL Fly Rail: 45’-6”
Height under SL & SR Gallery: 29’-0”
Height under SL Double purchase rail: 14’-0”
DS Apron to Plaster Line: 22’-2”
DS Apron to US Wall: 70’-0”
DS Apron to Sound/Light Booth: 82’-0”
Plaster Line to
1st FOH: 36’-7”
2nd FOH: 48’-9”
3rd FOH: 60’-11”

Single Purchase lines: 1 – 49
Double Purchase lines: 50 – 61
9” centers starting 2’-0” US of PL
Lifting Capacity: 1,500 lbs.
Length of Battens: 67’-0”
Travel Limits: 74’-0”
Loading Gallery #1: 68’-6”
Loading Gallery #2: 76’-0”
Permanent Hangs on #5,14,23

456 Strand CD80SV 2.4Kw hardwired. (SR gallery)
10 Strand CD80SV 6.0Kw hardwired. (SR gallery)
ETC Element 40/500
Two (2) 400 Amp 208 style single phase disconnects (SR)
One (1) 100 Amp 3 phase disconnect (SR)
One (1) isolated 400 Amp 208 style single phase disconnect (SR) (sound, isolated)
One (1) isolated 100 Amp 3 phase disconnect (SR) (sound, isolated)
One (1) 60 Amp disconnect (Ceiling Cove #1)
One (1) 60 Amp disconnect (Ceiling Cove #2)
One (1) 60 Amp disconnect (Ceiling Cove #3)
One (1) 60 Amp disconnect (SR loading dock)

Integrated JBL Left-Center-Right sound reinforcement with Avid SC-48 Main House Left-Center-Right mixing console
Listen Technologies LT800/216 system with 12 LR400 receivers
Clear Com CS-222 Master station with single channel wired stations including intercom, paging, and stage audio monitor to all stage locations, dressing rooms, green room, and production offices

Consists of 2 sections; 64’-0” x 7’-6” (480 sq. ft.) and 54’-0” x 9’-6” (513 sq. ft.) lifts, mechanically linked, if used together for a total of 993 sq. ft. Lifting capacity 50 pounds per square foot

20’-0” x 28’-0” storage facility complete with two clothes washer, two dryer, steamers, irons, garment racks, and slop sink

Two (2) Talent rooms able to accommodate four (4) people complete with semi-private bathroom, shower and stage monitor
Six (6) Principle rooms able to accommodate three (2-3) people complete with private bathroom, shower and stage monitor
One (1) Men’s Chorus room able to accommodate twenty-five (25) people complete with private bathroom, shower and stage monitor
One (1) Women’s Chorus room able to accommodate twenty-five (25) people complete with private bathroom, shower and stage monitor

1227 sq. ft. studio with sprung Marley floor, dance bars, and mirrors

Direct loading to Main Stage
Dock Dimensions
24’-0”wide x 14’-0” deep x 3’-0” high
Two (2) Stage Doors: 8’-0” wide x 12’-0” high

6 ETC Source 4 Spotlight, 5 deg.
16 SL Series Spotlight, 10 deg.
6 ETC Source 4 Spotlight, 19 deg.
40 SL Series Spotlight, 19 deg.
7 ETC Source 4 Spotlight, 26 deg.
76 SL Series Spotlight, 26 deg
70 SL Series Spotlight, 36 deg.
20 SL Series Spotlight, 50 deg.
65 ETC Source Four Pars
39 7” 750w Fresnels
5 Altman 3 Cell Far Cyc
5 Altman 3 Cell Ground Cyc
5 Altman 1 Cell Ground Cyc
5 Strand 1 Cell Far Cyc
24 Wybron Forerunner 4”
12 Wybron Forerunner 7”
6 Wybron Power supplies
2 Lycian 1290 follow spot

Eight (8) Tower sections 28’-0” high x 11’-0” wide
Three (3) Ceiling sections on line sets #5, #14, #23

House Curtain: 72’-0”w x 32’-6”h
Legs (12): 10’-0”w x 32’-0”h jet black velour
Borders (6): 67’-0”w x 10’-0”h jet black velour
Traveler (2 panel): 37’-0”w x 32’-0”h
Scrim: 67’-0”w x 32’-0”h white sharks tooth
Scrim: 67’-0”w x 32’-0”h black sharks tooth
Back Drop: 67’-0”w x 32’-0”h
Cyclorama: 67’-0”w x 35’-0”h white seamless